What is LMI and How can you use it to inform your child’s career choices?

Labour Market Information or LMI is any data about the nature and operation of the labour market. It is part of our careers provision as it helps young people explore key aspects about a particular area, including:

  • The sectors, industries and businesses that operate there
  • The jobs that exist
  • The number and type of job vacancies
  • The sectors and industries that are predicted to grow in the coming years
  • Travel to work patterns
  • The kinds of skills that are/will be needed by industries and businesses
  • Pay and progression patterns.

This information can help young people make informed decisions regarding their Career choices and the opportunities available to them in the local area.

For any further information regarding Labour Market Information please reach out to our Careers Adviser Matthew Betts on mbetts2@inspireacademy.org.uk or 01634827372 to discuss this further.


Labour Market Information