Inspire Academy – Curriculum overview 2023-24

‘At Inspire academy we nurture interests, develop lifelong learners and create adaptable and resilient young adults who will be able to engage positively in the workplace and wider society.’

Inspire Academy has a broad and balanced curriculum and with consultation with staff and pupils we have made some changes to incorporate additional areas of the curriculum that we feel would benefit our pupils even further moving forward.  We have also considered what would engage pupils in their learning, their likes and interests and through consultation with them and staff we have made particular changes.  We now have Science, ICT and RSE across all year groups.

Our curriculum focuses on learners’ personal development with RSE lessons across all year groups and personal development lessons for years 7-9.  By having these lessons, we are able to support pupils with their development of relationships, understanding and social skills.  By having personal development lessons for years 7-9 learners are given more opportunities to work together on specific tasks that will engage their interests and also support improving team working and relationships.  By giving pupils additional cultural experiences they will have a deeper understanding of the wider world and will be given the opportunity to do things that they may not have the chance to do within more academic subjects.  Pupils also are able to experience vocational learning alongside more academic subjects of English, Maths, Science and ICT and we offer a range of qualifications suited to the individual needs of our learners.  There are a range of careers and post-16 preparation opportunities (independent advice and guidance) to support learners moving on to the next stage and with this, the academic curriculum and personal development opportunities our pupils leave ready to engage positively in post-16 education, employment and in wider society.