How the grant will be spent

The academy have identified that by purchasing enough laptops to engage each pupil, it will enhance their educational experience and support with their accelerated academic progress by differentiating their learning experience through specific programmes related to each subject, developing their individual area of need.  

The catch-up premium will also be spent on transport to develop and enhance our pupils' social skills by allowing focused interventions and enrichment activities to take place after school hours, when we are able to.  This is due to a majority of our pupils being entitled to transport as part of their Education, health and care plan and due to their social, emotional and mental health needs.  However, the local authority will not fund transport for any extra-curricular activity. 

Finally, any remaining funding will be invested in improving our speech and language offer, as this is a need for a large majority of our pupils.


Assessment of Catch-up Premium expenditure

The academy will use its current Go4Schools system to measure pupils' academic data.  To supplement this, we will also use the recently introduced Ready2Learn system.  This was implemented by the Trust due to Covid-19, so that pupils wellbeing is also measured, informing all stakeholders of their readiness to learn.  The above information will be used in conjunction with the data received from our academic and therapeutic interventions, as well as our own social independence survey which looks in depth at pupils' social and emotional progress and areas for development.


This information relates to Covid Catch-up Premium for the academic year 2020/21. 

Last reviewed:  September 2021