Inspiring education for life.

Inspiring Values for Life

  • Vision, values, culture and ethos are shared by the whole School community
  • Students are happy, secure, confident and valued for their individuality
  • Students develop spiritual and moral values, self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Staff are energetic, passionate about their subject and committed to the value of  an education that promotes ‘life-long learning’.
  • A positive and inclusive relationship is nurtured with parents/carers, school and business partnerships, and the wider community
  • The School at all times holds true to its founding principles and values.

Inspiring Learning for Life

  • Students achieve their academic potential through outstanding teaching which is forward-looking, encourages independent thinking and lays the foundations for lifelong learning
  • Staff continue to develop in their roles through high quality support, guidance and on-going training
  • First-rate facilities and an inspirational learning environment support the philosophy and aims of the School
  • Regular and robust self-evaluation and collective review ensures that the whole School is a learning and developing organisation

Inspiring Interests for Life

  • The curriculum is broad and balanced, offering rich and varied opportunities for the development of academic and social interest and stimulates intellectual curiosity.
  • The co-curriculum offers a wide range of enriching, enjoyable and challenging activities, which stimulate and develop the interests of each child, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In doing so, Inspire Academy aims to be recognised as one of the country's finest schools.

Inspire Academy is committed to providing a rigorous but creative academic education which will challenge and engage pupils, offering both continuity and progression of learning; Inspire Academy will offer pupils an opportunity to study courses that will offer access through the choice of academic, vocational and enrichment courses a personalised route to achievement. Our aim is to foster a life-long love of learning for its own sake and provide them with a secure foundation on which to continue into further / Higher Education and ultimately into the careers of their choice.

In Key Stage 4 Inspire Academy currently offers four different Vocational pathways to best support pupils in gaining relevant qualifications and to support their understanding of the careers they would like to pursue post 16:

Challenger Troop offers Inspire Academy pupils a programme, which have been endorsed by the Department for Education, they enable each participant to fulfil their academic potential; by developing each individual’s personal, learning and employability skills to help them become confident individuals, effective contributors in class, successful learners and responsible citizens. Each pupil that completes the course will achieve a Level 1 BTEC in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship, with the opportunity to work towards a BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal development in the Community. For further information, visit

Nacro – Inspire Academy pupils are offered the opportunity to achieve a City & Guilds Award in Skills for Employment in the Construction Industries, a City & Guilds Award in the Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector and IMI Awards; Award in light vehicle maintenance. For further information, visit

Throughout all the Key Stages, the core curriculum of subjects provides the opportunity for pupils to acquire skills in speaking and listening, literacy and numeracy. These are further developed in their other subjects. Pupils are taught 30 periods per week (50 minute periods) and participate in Tutorial sessions that provides increased access and focus on literacy and numeracy and enable the teacher to provide a 1-1 discussion to review, discuss and support achievement of individual targets. The school also makes use of break and Lunchtime activities to target improved skills and are viewed as part of our curriculum.  We also monitor and targets skills in any and all enrichment activities undertaken. 

All pupils study a core curriculum of Mathematics and English until the end of Key Stage 4 and Science at Key Stage 3, and there is also the opportunity for them to build around that a combination of other optional subjects. Quite deliberately, the school chooses each year to construct timetables around pupils' choices, and not the other way around; thus there are no predetermined "Option Bands". The School aims to run any course in which there is sufficient demand. The school will also aim to find courses outside the provision that can support student interest and drive.

In addition to mathematics and English, at Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study a variety of courses.  These range from entry level 1 to GCSE's in food technology, art, sports leaders, occupational studies, PSHE, photography and design technology. Pupils are entered into the most appropriate qualification so that they achieve the best possible outcomes.

All curriculum subject matter is appropriate for the age and aptitudes of the pupils in each school year, and takes in to account the targets on their Educational, Health and Care Plan which is reviewed annually. Our curriculum provision enables all pupils to have the opportunity to learn and make progress. There is a focus within the school and course planning to enable the students to develop speaking, listening, Literacy and Numeracy skills.

The curriculum provides for the teaching of PSHCE which is taught to class groups as a timetabled discrete subject, working concurrently with the PSHCE policy and schemes of work where further details can be found. The students will have access to outside agencies and support and key areas of work and development will be delivered through termly sessions e.g. Drugs awareness workshops. The PSHCE curriculum reflects the schools' aims and ethos. The policy should be read in conjunction with the Special Educational Needs/Disabilities and the provision for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.


Should you wish to discuss anything related to the curriculum, please contact Mr Mark Burgiss on 01634 827372 or email