Case Study 1

Case Study 1

Case Study Year 9 Pupil – Thomas* (Names have been changed)


This pupil come to our school in November 2015 to undertake a six week assessment and inform his application for an EHCP.   Prior to arrival he had been in a special school and had a very negative experience of education.  He had been attending a mainstream school for two hours a day and spent the majority of his time in the pastoral office, as they felt unable to support him in the classroom.  The SEN team completed a variety of assessments including observations and achievements and ability tests to ascertain suitability for a place at Inspire.  As a result, Thomas was given a permanent place here and also received an EHCP with a primary diagnosis of SEMH.

Presenting Behaviours

Highly impulsive and little knowledge of social skills and personal boundaries/space.  As a result Thomas has found both peer and adult relationships very difficult which has resulted in a number of PI and bullying incidents.  He is keen to learn but also likes to push boundaries.

Strategies to support behaviour

  • Five minute time-out to outside
  • Clear language
  • Differentiated work with visual support
  • Lots of praise of desired behaviours
  • Speak to TA regarding mood (she has liaised with Mum)


Personalised Support

  • Completed bespoke 0 and A
  • Gradually increased his flexible timetable
  • Developed social skills group
  • 1:1 SALTA support (vocabulary and emotional literacy)
  • 1:1 Literacy support
  • Extra SEN support in lessons
  • EAL outreach
  • Bespoke rewards system (phone call/email home and stickers)
  • Supported lunch and break
  • Vocational Curriculum
  • Dog Mentoring
  • Drama therapy



Full time attendance at school – (was 33% at previous mainstream) now 100%

Reading age increase – 12. 6 (7.6)

Spelling age increase - 7.3 (6.1)

Decrease in PI and negative incidents (see table below)


Although Thomas still finds relationships challenging, he has made some excellent progress and is developing a more positive attitude to education and school.